Understanding Illustration

My illustration work featured in Understanding Illustration by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies.

Are we just playing around?

I was kindly invited to contribute an article by the French Chamber of commerce for their bi-monthly business magazine 'INFO' around the subject of 'innovation and creativity in new technologies'. Beginning with a discussion around the editorial content, the panel brought together a rather varied set of individuals  coming from economics to education and engineering. Interesting people I don't normally find myself rubbing shoulders with, but all of us in our own areas invested in technological innovation. I contributed an article about harnessing technology through creativity, with a focus on game-playing.  Read the article here.

INFO magazine Jan/Feb 2014 issue

Key ingredients of a great user interface

What are the key ingredients of a great user-interface? I was invited to contribute to a 'Computer Arts Projects' opinion piece. Here's my tence pence worth.

"A Great interface complements and supports the aims of the project, while considering it's audience. 'Key ingredients' can vary a lot, however intuitiveness, clarity and aesthetics should always be considered. Standardising is sensible for functionality but experiential sites can and should explore more immersive ideas. It's worth remembering that we as people like to be entertained and are often persuaded by our emotions".


Moving and shaking

I was approached by my former lecturers to feature in an article  called  'Animation Movers & Shakers' for Central Saint Martin's alumni periodical. It's all about former students making great strides since graduating. I know I'm just fighting my corner like everyone else, but it's nice to be thought of. Thanks CSM! CSM_movers_shakers

Ingenious ways to navigate the web

Taschen recently published a book on Web Design navigation. I was very pleased to find my Creative Mind project featured. With over 90 projects from more than 20 countries, the book focuses on, "the ingenious solutions to one of the most difficult and important aspects of web design'. Thank you very much Mr weiderman! Taschen_Web_coverTaschen_Web_inside