Sainsbury's to the rescue

Over at B-Reel we’ve just launched this helpful web tool with Google and Sainsbury’s called Food Rescue.An inventive idea to try and help people waste less food, save some money and do a little good for the planet, by suggesting recipes to use up your left-overs.

Simply tell it 3 or more ingredients and the tool searches for recipe ideas. To help make it even more convenient, the tool is mobile focused and uses voice recognition technology so you can tell it what you’ve got whilst your raiding the back of your fridge!

As a bit of encouragement the tool also averages the food you save as you cook recipes, showing you how much you’ve been saving over time and how your waste reducing skills are coming along.

With anything up to 7.2 million tonnes of food going to waste in the UK every year - I’m extremely happy to be involved in anything that can help make us more aware and contribute towards tackling the issue.

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Sainsbury's Food Rescue