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Are you a nosey neighbour?

I directed this quirky interactive project for Ted Baker working with Nexus Interactive Arts. Part of their global 'Keeping up with the Bakers' Spring/Summer campaign, the installation was rolled out to key Ted Baker stores across the UK and Europe, including flagship store Regent st.

Passers-by can play the part of the nosey neighbour, literally! By placing their palms on special prints on the window, we catch them in the act of peeking! Their faces are then added into the window scenes, looking in like jealous peepers who will stop at nothing to see what the Bakers are up to!

Watch the making of


An interactive Art installation exploring the idea of emotional resonance, in that, every object can be imbued with a memory through the interactions and the emotional attachment we place upon the items we so voraciously consume, then eventually cast aside.

Exhibited at ‘Light Bites’ a Light Art exhibition in London’s Docklands, the installation playfully invited you to awaken and glimpse a story locked within.

Alex Jenkins - Shadows of a former self


I was thrilled to be invited to talk at the first Digital Design Days /OFFF Milan conference.

Sharing my thoughts and experience on how to think about projects to create more empathetic experiences and interactions. I also spoke about my desire to explore a more human-centric approach to experientially led interactive projects, as a potential antithesis to the burgeoning techno-centric approach that is becoming so prevalent across digital design.



I had a busy time in Milan, building my installation, preapring to be a speaker, so why not judge the best of Italian digital design while i'm at it!

The deserving winners took home this fun looking (for a change) awards trophy.


The Moon Seat continues on it's tour to Milan for Digital Design Days, a 3 day festival celebrating creativity in Digital Design bringing Italian and International talent together through a series of talks, workshops, showcases and installations.

The Moon Seat travels to Berlin

The Moon Seat installation was invited to the Festival Of Lights Berlin. A 10 day light festival, featuring art and events across the city. We brought our art to the public in two locations, firstly by NikolaiKirche (Berlin's oldest church) and then onto Märkisches Viertel in North Berlin, where we met a very refreshingly different public. View more images here.


Change the World with Code

A recent project from Made with Code Google's initiative to bring more girls into the coding community, gives young women a chance to make their voice heard by coding a statement about the change they want to see in the world and have it broadcast at the Global Citizen Festival.

Proud to have been part of this ambitious creative initiative to help give hundreds of thousands of girls a platform to share their vision of a better world and raise awareness of the UN Global goals for sustainable development.

Drawing in Madrid


An interactive light installation inspired by the Moon and based on an idea around playing with peoples shadows.  Conceived, built, produced and ran independently of clients and agencies, the art project took it's first public outing at the prestigious Cambridge Union Society as part of Cambridge Light Festival E-Luminate. More glimpses from the festival and behind the scenes here. www.moonseat.com